Marine, Defence & Aerospace

Marine, Defence & Aerospace

The demands and challenges of the marine and defence sectors including rigorous quality standards, exacting tolerances and often harsh conditions and environments to which products are exposed are ably supported

Marine, Defence & Aerospace

The marine and defence sectors can be particularly demanding. Businesses operating within the industry continuously demand to maintain their rigorous quality standards and extracting tolerances meanwhile operating in often-harsh conditions and environments to which products are consistently exposed.  

TS Metals has experience and is familiar with these requirements. At TS Metals we have considerable experience in supplying bespoke fabrications and components including shafts, endplates, fans, covers, machine housings, panels and coolers, as well as electrical laminations. 

To ensure a complete service to our customers, where necessary, we are flexible to work in any field around the world to minimise downtime and service disruption and in turn offering ultimate efficiency. 

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